What To Look For In Extra Tutoring Classes

Every parent wants to see their child succeed. That is a given. However, not everyone is academically inclined. For instance, one might be a sports enthusiast whilst another could be a straight A student. Yet some others are proficient in arts like dancing, painting and theatre. And whilst they can each go onto pursue their strengths, like it or not they will first have to pass through school. This means taking all the mandatory exams including O/Ls and A/Ls which are understandably daunting. For some, school time is not enough to grasp some of the harder subjects, which is why additional tutoring is a good option to look into. What should you look out for though?


Whether you are looking at private, one-on-one tutoring or group classes for your child, you need to ensure the tutor is qualified for the job. Is he/she trained in the field? Are they experienced? How many years of experience do they have? For instance, taking something like A level math tuition into consideration, it is incredibly important that the tutor not only knows the subject inside out, but also knows how to handle a class. The same applies for other subjects. If you are looking at group classes conducted by an institution, you can ask the centre for this information.


Whilst keeping track of your child’s progress is easier than it would be to do so in a group class, you should in any case find out how you can go about it. Either speak to the tutor personally or speak to the centre’s administration. Different institutions have different ways of going about this. If it is too messy, then consider looking at another option. After all, as a parent you want to know that your child is not only receiving the help he/she needs, but that your money is not going to waste. This is also useful for finding out whether that particular class or tutor is working for your child or not.


This applies to both private tutors and group classes. What sort of reputation do they have within the community? Are they well-known? How long have they been around for? And most importantly, how successful are they? You can often gauge how effective they are by the grades that students typically receive under their guidance. If you’re looking for math tuition options for instance, look at the pass rate over the time they have been in operation. Just like what you would do when scouting out a new car to purchase!


Believe it or not, this has a major impact on how well your child will learn. Think about it; they spend all day at school, possibly with some extra-curricular activities as well. Heading off for extra tutoring far away is not the best idea. They will be exhausted, and understandably so. That is certainly not conducive for learning and no matter how good the tutor or centre will be, they cannot force your child to learn. So be practical, and look for a place that is reasonably close by.