Types Of Noodles That Can Be Found

Noodles is a greatly famous meal among many Asians. This could be one of the main reasons why most types of noodles were introduced in Asian countries. However, it matters not that these various types were originated in such countries as noodles has now become one of the most famous and easiest instant foods to be made around the world. Who would not want to make sure that their dinner is cooked in two minutes? That is how easier noodles has made our lives to be. Therefore, here are some of the most famous types of noodles that you should try out.

Rice noodles

Rice noodles is perhaps the most notorious out of all of noodles. It is known to have the nutrients that brown rice has. Therefore, why not try this delicious food if you haven’t yet? Also, if you already have tried it, try to make it a habit to let it be a part of your daily meals in order to lead a healthier life for you and your loved ones. In fact, it does not consume too much of time to be prepared, making your life simpler than ever. You can choose these out of a variety of thin, wide, medium and vermicelli.


If you are a fan of egg and is not so fond of low fat noodles in India to be a part of your meal during college days, Ramen is the ideal type of noodles that will help you keep you alive. The flavour and yellowish shade to it will be added through eggs while wheat flour will be the primary cause of the bouncy effect of it. While you are searching for simpler cooking foods, this may be your ideal choice as you can even find it in frozen form which only needs to be warmed.


What does the term Udon remind you of? To make it more specific, which country comes to your mind whenever someone mentions Udon? You guessed right! Japan. Udon is a famous type of Japanese noodles which is rich in wheat flour and can be prepared simply using water. It is quite thicker than other types of noodles. These are usually served in broth; however, this is a traditional way of serving and therefore can be served in any other way like the way you like your wholegrain instant noodles served.


Once again, this type too originates the country of Japan as a famous type of noodles among most citizens of that country. This has a nutty flavour and is mostly served during summer time, not warm but chilled.

Have you tried all of the above types of noodles?

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