Tips On Helping Your Child Face Their Exams Better

Will your child be facing an exam soon? If so, then here are a few tips for you to help them face it better…

Try to be supportive, and less hovering

With some children, especially the younger children, it is always important for you, as their parents, to pay attention to their studies, and remind them to study when their exams roles around the corner. However, this approach does not always work with some children; especially children in their teens. With this age group, it is always better to try to be supportive; rather than hovering over them and nagging them to study. For some, this support could be in the form of staying awake with them while they study; or even be the “student” while they explain things. For others, a prize for good results will be a good incentive and can also be considered as your support to them for their studies.

Provide them with the extra help they need

Not all children are born brilliant; and not all brilliant students do well in all subjects. Asking them if they would like some extra help, like an e maths tutor, or your own teaching skills (if you are capable of it, of course) might actually help them much more than you think. Remember that not all teachers and teaching methods work for everyone; so a little individual attention can go a long way provided that it is from the right teacher.

Help them set up an appropriate space for studying

For some children, it is not actually anything about the subject itself; but how to study. In this case, what ever home tuition agency you approach might not do the job for you. Instead, try to understand what your child needs to study. The right time (when they are most comfortable to and capable of studying), the right place (like a table allocated specifically for this task) and the right environment (calm, stress free, quiet and not distracting of possible) makes a huge difference; so do not make the mistake of overseeing this. Speak to your child to find out what methods and ways work best for them; and see that they get what they need.

 Know when it is the right time to push, and the right time to take a step back

Encouragement can sometimes come in the form of a little pushing. The gentle reminder about how many days are left for the exam, and how much needs to be covered before it…these can work well to keep your child motivated to study. However, you must understand that after a certain period, it is best to avoid doing this, as it will only serve to make them feel panicked about the whole thing. It is important that you are mindful of this as well.