Tips On Aiding Someone With Bunion Problems

A bunion has soft and bone tissue where constant or even recurring pain as inflammation is seen. There are several appearances on the big and little toe. The most important thing about blisters is that it can result in inflammation. Here are some tips on helping someone with bunion problems:

SOAK YOUR FEET You must try to soak your feet in a soothing solution. You can add a few spoons of Sea or Epsom salt into a bath. You can fill it with cool or even lukewarm liquid and soak your feet in the solution. Make sure that you do purchase the correct salt for the task some won’t be natural but rather artificial. Try to use this in conjunction with the bunion treatment you have chosen.

STRETCH AS MUCH AS YOU CAN You must try to stretch as much as you can. This will help ease your sore joints as well as toes. You can even use a strap to gain hold of your toes. Make sure that the toes are in a comfortable position. You can even try and hold it for around 30-40 seconds or more. Make sure that you hold and repeat consecutively as possible. If you stop stretching the pain can worsen.

USE A TOPICAL CREAM You can try and use a topical cream which will ease any pain you might have. Some have menthol which are great as they have soothing qualities. You can even use some with some capsaicin which is even made from chili like peppers which will reduce the overall pain you feel. You can even purchase Zostrix from a pharmacy if you are seeking other bunion treatment in Singapore.

USE A SPLINTER OR EVEN A SPACERYou can try to use a splinter as well as a spacer for the task. It is a great way for you to reduce on any pain, inflammation as well as stress you might face. Make sure that you use the device as carefully else you can else you can end up with a damaged foot. Ask someone who is experienced in the task to help you with the process. This way you can be sure that you are doing it correctly. 

Avoid any unwanted problems by visiting a doctor as early on as you possibly can. If you do feel that the devices you have purchased are not working very well for you then you need to do research to find something else. Bunions mainly arise from wearing incorrect shoes so make sure that you opt for footwear which are comfortable and easy on your toes and soles.

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