Picking The Perfect Suit For Work

There are so many startups out in the world today. In times like these, it feels like the days of men wearing that gorgeous, classic style of business suit is up in the wind. Today’s CEOs and entrepreneurs have a far more informal approach to business, with jeans and T-shirts having replaced the age old tradition of suits, ties and pants. However, if you are someone starting up your own company, you may have to have certain dressier items of clothing around for when you need them. Turning up to an interview with a potential corporate partner wearing sneakers isn’t really the best first impression to give off, after all. Now, buying a good suit for all your business needs may seem like a task that is far beyond your own knowledge. The truth is that picking the perfect outifit is an art in and of itself, but you can make a pretty informed decision if you know the basics.

Get the Two Basic Colors First

There are two colors that you absolutely must have in your closet. You can get navy blue or charcoal grey suits tailor in Singapore made for you. Both, or either, of these are bare necessities for your work closet. If you can only get one, then pick the charcoal grey. It is by far the most versatile of the options, because it can be worn in the daytime with a blue shirt, and at night for going out, it can be worn with a white shirt, no tie, and black shoes. The best fabrics out there are the woolly or wool-silk blended fabrics. They are more expensive for a reason. These may not be the best choice in a warmer, more humid country because of the amount of sweat that a woolen suit will generate, but it is still going to feel far more comfortable.

Go With Black for Dressier Days

The next color that any good suits tailor will recommend is a black suit. This isn’t one to be worn on your typical work day, though. Save the black for the dressier occasions, such as the cocktail parties and dinners with the prospective clients. Plain colors are the best bet for people picking out their first suits. Once you are comfortable with these colors, you can switch up to the more challenging choices such as patterns, different materials, funkier options and more.

After having dealt with suits for a while, you may even want to opt for a good double breasted number as well. So many choices out there in terms of good suits. Make sure you make the right one.