Party Decoration Must Have’s

Just like meals have staples so do party decorations. Even if your party is as simple as it gets it needs to have some kind of a decoration. That is what sets it apart from been just another day with friends and family. It gives a feeling of difference and importance to the occasion. Following are party decoration staples. Have one or more of these and you’re good to go. And the best part…. You can keep recycling and upcycling these to suit any bash you throw!

  1. Fairy Lights

Imagine walking into a room decorated in tiny lights illuminating the room and casting shadows on the floor giving the whole room a feeling of warmth. Just picturing it feels amazing, correct? It has become such a needed item not only at parties but at home as well. Throw some fairy lights around if you have nothing else to use. You could also fill old jars with lights and pop in a flower maybe. Easy and simple but it carries with itself a sense of elegance nothing can beat. 

  1. Banners

Have the occasion lettered in a fancy way that catches the eye. Anyone walking in will know exactly what they are a part of. It makes the day more special. Interesting thing about banners is that it can be customized from any event decorations shop and at an affordable price. So get yourself that banner without fail!

  1. Paper Decorations

Most parties these days are a beautiful assemble of paper decorations. These decorations can be purchased from any cheap party supplies in Singapore shop. Here one may argue saying it can be done at home. I agree, but for someone who is a busy body I suggest you consider purchasing such items as it saves so much of precious time. The good thing is that it is cheap after all. It’s paper people!

  1. Backdrop

The millennial age is the age of photographs and selfies. How can anyone miss out on the backdrop?!! When it comes to birthday decorations the backdrop is as staple as staple gets in today’s day and age. You can have a few props sitting on the side and this will create an even bigger hype among your peers. Let Instagram, snapchat and Facebook have their glory too. Pictures are something that will keep a pleasant past alive in your future so snap away.

So those are our bash decoration must have’s. Have it all or have just one, completely up to you. Let the occasion decide your decorations but let it be decorated nevertheless! You can never go wrong with a well decorated room when it comes to a party. Let the guests see you made an effort. It’ll not only make them feel great and welcome it’ll make you feel amazing too!