Michael Phelps Dreams Anyone?

Okay, so you know that they call him the flying fish with over 28 Olympic medals making him the most awarded swimmer of all time. Phelps holds the record for the most number of gold medals in one Olympic game for obtaining eight gold medals at the Beijing Games in 2008. He was known as the Baltimore Bullet due to this.

Phelps was born on the 30th of June in 1985 in the United States of America, in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother was a principle and his father was a retired State Trooper. His parents divorced when he was nine making life bitter for little Michael. He first started the sport at a swimming academy at the age of nine and later advanced to the Olympic level.

He entered the Olympics in 2000 at the age of fifteen and was placed fifth in the butterfly stroke while also making him the youngest male to enter into the United States Olympic team. After the summer Olympics of 2000, little Michael Phelps commanded a lot of attention worldwide, making him earn a private swimming coach Singapore to train him for the next Olympics.

2004 Olympics proved Phelps to be a great athlete, who was just nineteen, who also established a world record in the individual medley. It was also his first Olympic gold medals and anything less was not to be expected of him in the years to follow. That year, nineteen-year-old Phelps won an overall of six gold medals and two bronze medals for his events. However, in 2012, he retired saying that he’s done and that he wants to do no more, only to re-enter the sport in 2014. In 2016, Phelps became the first American male swimmer to qualify for five consecutive Olympic Games. At this same Olympic Games, Michael Phelps ended his career and he is considered one of the greatest Olympians of all time.

Well, the path to victory is not an easy one with direct road signs. Phelps struggled in his early years as a swimmer, just like most of the amateur swimmers do. However, what makes him one of the most outstanding swimmers of all time is the fact that he kept going despite the difficulties. He had long training hours, even in the winter season but he sure did not complain. We can all achieve greatness with great passion, great endurance, and great effort. Michael Phelps did not become “Gomer” by chance. It was a process, a process of discipline, focus and hard work. So the path is clear, it is yours to trod, if you are daring enough.