Important Maintenance Items On Your Vehicle

It is true that many cars are produced in this day and age do not need much attention as they did over 60 odd years ago, but you have to understand that after all your car is a machine and machines do tend to fail from time to time making it important you to perform routine checkups and take it for services in order to keep it in a good running condition. When you first buy your brand new car, it comes with a manual that carefully explains and has details on when and how you should be servicing and maintaining your vehicle from time to time. This may sound like too much work for some, therefore given below are a few aspects to which you must give additional attention to in order to keep your vehicle running smooth as ever.
The oil inside a vehicle engine is its driving force and its bloodline. The only thing that is keeping your engine running smoothly without any glitches is the oil that runs within its inner tubes. Once the vehicle is in use and has been used for period of time, tiny pieces of metal in addition to the exhaust gasses that come from the cylinders will eventually get mixed in with this oil contaminating it and making it less effective over time. This oil is also affected by the heat that is generated from the engine, which then tends to thin the oil, decreasing the lubrication process, thus affecting the inner parts to wear out faster than usual. This is why it is recommended that you change out the oil every 5000 to 11000 miles and make your engine and vehicle run smoothly for longer.
Brake pads
Whether you use Dunlop or Goodyear tyres, it is necessary to have efficiently working brake pads to provide you with the ability to suddenly stop at any given moment. Since many do not know much about these pads, they usually listen to the mechanic and do as they say, but it is necessary for you to understand that the changing of the brake pads solely depends on a few factors; your style of driving, the weight of the vehicle you drive and the quality of your previously installed brake pads. The more aggressively you drive, the more worn out your brake pads are going to get. Therefore make sure you have timely checkups.

The best brand of tyres on your vehicle, the things in which the body of the car stands on is quite an important component. Similar to all the other mentioned components, these too need changing according to how it has been used over time. You may get a flat tyre along the way, the tubes inside will start acting up, and you will eventually have to get a new set. One thing you have to understand is you cannot clearly say how long you can use one for, it can last from anywhere between a few months to years.
Air filter
The air filter in your vehicle is how your engine breathes, and when it gets clogged with dust and dirt it affects several functions, which include, a major reduction in the gas mileage, and also make way to a slow death of the engine overall. There is no fixed time as to when you should change out the air filter, but it usually depends on the amount of miles a vehicle has run and the atmospheric conditions in which your vehicle runs in. Make sure you go to your mechanic and get some expert advice on when you should actually change your air filters.
There are many other parts that require proper maintenance and care, but the few mentioned above are the most important ones to keep your eye out for.