How To Throw A Successful Party For Picky Eaters?

Being the perfect party host is no easy feat. This is especially true if you are still a novice at playing this role, or if your guests happen to be picky or complicated. Here are our main three tips on how to throw a successful party, for picky eaters.

Set up a food bar, and ask your guests to “build their own” Feeding a picky eater is simple enough; all you have to do is cater to their individual taste, and they are sure to be happy. Unfortunately, this is not a practical approach to the problem when you have many picky eaters to feed…like at a party. The solution, provide them the food, and prompt them to make their own food. Food bars with “build your own” ingredients are a great way to do so. Since you can do this for salads, main meals and even desserts, it’s ideal for any party; formal or not. If you have guests who have particular diets, things like instant noodles suitable for vegans in UK and food bars with plenty of fruits and vegetables work well here. As your guests have the freedom to adjust the level of spice they’d put into their food, this “build your own” themed parties are also great for adult and children mixed crowds.

Picky eaters are not always picky drinkers More often than not, you’ll find that when it comes to their drinks, most people are not as picky as they are with drinks. Unlike with the food (in which you have to provide the vegetarians instant noodles that is made from natural herbs suitable for vegetarians) you can just have a few varieties of drinks, and they simply avoid drinking something if they have to. But if you feel your guests are picky with their drinks as well as their food, or if you simply want to match your “build your own” theme of the food, you can do the same for your drinks as well. You can even have your favorite combinations or recipes printed out as a guideline.

Remember; it’s not all about eating or drinking the night awayIt pays to remember that apart from the food and drinks, there’s more to a party. Once you have sorted the above two, have a serious look into your party’s entertainment. Unless you are planning a meal specifically, not all parties have to revolve around meals. From music to activities to do at and during the party; have a list of all the available options to you. Pay attention to the ambiance as well as the decorations. In your urge to make the food and drinks perfect for your picky guests, don’t forget these small details that actually make your party.

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