How To Recycle Coffee Pods

If you feel bad about throwing away used coffee capsules or if you don’t want to give it away to a recycling centre, there are a few solutions that are available. There’s plenty of creative suggestions that have been produced and a few has been highlight below.

 Lacing activity

For parents who wish to teach their kids how to tie a lace, using a pod is ideal. You can create two holes and place the laces through and let them practice tying a shoe lace.

 Stamping using paint

Small children can use a few paint and stamp circles on paper creating a design of circles by using a few Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

 Seed grower

Place a tiny hole under the case so that the water will seep out and you can plant seeds inside with some soil. You can even use some ground java to have your own java plant.

 Ice Cubes

You can create unique shaped ice cubes for some lemonade or for cocktails using the capsules. You can even pieces of fruit into it. So, consider the shape of the brands when you want to buy coffee pods. If you are interested about coffee pod delivery you can visit this website 

 Flower pots

Design the little pods and turn it into pots with a tiny plant or flower for your child’s doll house or as little decorations around the living toom.

 Toothpick holder

You don’t have to buy a toothpick holder. Use these java cases to keep them in place. You have the option of decorating them the way you want to.


During the summer days, create popsicles using these tiny java holders. Make a small hole that will fit a small popsicle stick and you are ready to prepare them!

 Wind gauge

If your child needs to make a wing gauge as their next science project, these little casings are perfect. Just use two pods, a straw to hold them together and a pencil to keep it stuck to the ground. You will be able to see the direction of the wind and how the weather changes.

 String of lights

Onto a string of lights, you can create small holes on the java cases and place the light through it. Make sure that the cup does not fall off by using cello tape.

 Christmas wreaths

If you have made a Christmas wreath using large cups, you can do the same and create smaller versions of the big wreaths you made. Colour it up the way your desire and add the Christmas accessories.

 Be adventurous and have fun making these little crafts. You might even come up with more creative ideas as well.

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