How To Organize A Killer Fund Raiser

Most organizations, including companies, universities, schools, academies, not-for profit organizations etc. are explicitly interested in organizing special events as fundraising programs. For example concerts, sing-along sessions, carnivals, food stalls, fairs and many other activities and of course all of these events require excessive amounts of planning and they could involve a lot of expenses as well. There are so many instances of events where so much more could have been earned if the organizers took charge of the event rather than letting it run on its own. So here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when organizing a killer fundraiser affair.

Understanding the purpose of the event

Above all other things, the first thing that an event manager needs to keep in mind is to truly understand the purpose of the occasion. It is important to know for sure whether the occasion is put up solely for the purpose of fund raising or whether there are any other goals associated with the occasion. Even a charitable or a CSR event can have multiple goals like gaining publicity or reaching out to a new market of customers. Therefore having a clear cut idea of the main purpose of the event will make you or your creative event company more successful.

Drafting the plan

Always have a written plan as most failures are encountered in the planning stage. Brainstorm for ideas and take the approach of a “devil’s advocate” to make sure that nothing is missed out and all your ideas are feasible enough to carry on. Take into consideration the goals and objectives of the organization and when preparing your plans. Prepare a strict budget. Include all expenses and have the “prudence concept” of accounting in your mind when preparing your budget; provide most for possible expenses and expect least from possible inflows as a fund raising project need to have a sound margin of markup.

Marketing, sales and audience

You need to be able to market your affair successfully. You should be convincing enough to make the potential customers feel like their money and time are worth the occasion. As it is a fund raiser, you or the event company need to keep in mind that more customers or more visitors will give you more profits. Sales include the process of making the tickets available among the potential buyers. Decide whether the tickets will be priced at different levels and pay attention to the design and printing of tickets well ahead of the event.


Make sure the occasion you plan today can be repeated in the many years to come within the organization. Especially when it comes to a fund raiser, repetitive holding will ensure profits each year.