How To Move On A Tight Budget

Like it or hate it, money rules our world. Distinctions in society are present today mainly because of third driving force. It determines who eats and does not, as well as who has a house for shelter and who does not. Only 1% of the world’s population is considered to be amongst the wealthiest which leaves a whopping percentage remaining. The rest of this 99% is forced to work on a budget, rationing what they consume and use, some more than others. In addition to food, education and clothing which are just the basics of life, there are extra things we have to inevitably spend on such as dining out and of course for some, moving. Where the latter is concerned, it can be a headache inducing process especially for those who are really strapped for cash. Here are a few ways to make your life a little lighter.


For those that have long being dealing with hoarding issues which includes holding onto a hairband or eraser you used when you were 8 years old, this may more a battle with the mind that with anything else. However, a garage sale is something that really can make a big difference especially when moving. For starters, not only do you lighten the load for the movers in Dubai, you yourself can look forward to making some extra cash. Sure that couch may have been with you for eons, but may be it is time to finally say goodbye and make way for a new couch.


If possible, at all costs make sure you put your moving day to a weekend or a holiday. It would make no sense to spend all that money moving only to miss work as well and receive less in pay that month when you need it the most. Speak to your boss and find out what the procedure is like, and if you would be experiencing any pay cuts if at all you have to move on a weekday.


Did you know that people who move all the time tend to experience the most number of losses when it comes to their belongings? This is because they leave packing to the absolute last minute and simply end up stuffing things everywhere. How are the movers supposed to know your grandmother’s china teapot is in there somewhere? Use bubble-wrap, boxes, newspapers whatever you need to cushion delicate items and ensure everything is appropriately labelled so they know what they are dealing with and need not have to carry book as if they were glass.


You will need a checklist before you move, and even though you may feel like this is not the time to sit around drafting checklists, you will thank yourself for it later. For starters, you will remember to re-direct your mail so you need not chase it all around the countryside locating it, and for another you can accurately tell your movers what exactly needs to be moved so they can give you an accurate estimate. Else, you will end up paying more than you assumed you would. Put in the pre-planning to save your precious cash. Click this link for more information about house movers in in Dubai.

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