How To Keep Your Food Safe?

When it comes to food, it is not just about the taste and health. There are other factors too, that need your consideration. Yes, eating healthy and tasty food is very important. However, good hygiene and safety are equally important. When it comes to handling food in your kitchen, you have to maintain the highest level of hygiene, keeping you and your family in your mind. Safety is another important factor. However, if you are little careful, you will be able to take care of both. Click this link for more information about packed lunch delivery in Singapore.

Food contamination

Yes, food contamination is a big issue that we face in our kitchens. When it comes to vegetarian buffet catering services, you have no idea about the health and safety measures caterers have taken. But when it comes to your own house, it is totally your responsibility to ensure that. Food contamination can happen during any stage, be it preparation, transportation, storage, harvesting, processing etc. When you maintain low standards of hygiene, then food borne diseases can occur. Unhealthy food is what makes people feel sick more often than not. When it comes to children, such diseases can be dangerous.

Rules to follow

When it comes to handling food, you have to follow these basic rules. Unlike the food you get from a vegetarian buffet catering service, it is totally up to you to control it.

• It is important to clean the surfaces and hands more often.

• You need to keep things separate. Make sure that you are not cross contaminating.

• Cooking the food to the right temperature is really important when it comes to food safety.

• Also, you need to refrigerate your food properly.

Wash hands and surfaces

It is important to wash your hands thoroughly before you come in contact with food. This will be helpful in killing the germs from your hands. Also, wash fruits and vegetables with cold water before you use them. Kitchen counters can get really dirty in no-time. Therefore, it is important to sanitize these places thoroughly.

Don’t cross-contaminate

Yes, you need to avoid cross-contamination as well, keeping the hygiene in mind. Keep the cooked and raw food separately. You should store them separately and keep them away from each other while cooking as well. You should keep the food in covered containers for your own safety. Keep them in the fridge so that it will remain safe. When you arrange food items in your fridge, always keep poultry and raw meats in the bottom of the fridge. Otherwise, juices from these things might contaminate food items stored in the lower levels. Also, you need to wash all the plates and utensils properly to avoid cross-contamination. Besides that, you need to cook your food at the right temperature. Last but not lease, you need to refrigerate it promptly.