How To Get Innovative With Mall Play Spaces?

Too much of play time can make mommies go crazy, but too much of shopping makes the kids get all cranky. The last thing mums want is a cranky baby on their long awaited shopping spree. Mall play spaces are the best solution for helpless mother who have no option but, carry the baby around while shopping. When creating a play space you need to think of the safety of the kids and the best way to give the kids a good time. If you are planning on opening a mall play space, here are a few tips on creating an area filled with fun, so that mums can shop in peace.

An indoor playground in Singapore is a must for a play area in a mall. The size the playground depends on the area you have for the play space. All what parents are concerned about is the safety of their children. It’s very crucial to be alert on your children safety matters as it takes seconds for an accident to happen. Hence, you have to make sure that you purchase all equipment for the playground from a reputed company. You should have equipment suitable for kids of all ages.

With the addition of a themed playground system you can improve the value and increase attraction, which would keep your customers coming back. Nothing would excite the kids more than a range of different slides including straight slides, wave slides, tube slides and winder slides. There wouldn’t be enough space for a trampoline park, but of course there would be enough space for a trampoline. Set up a trampoline, a bouncy castle and a ball pool so that the littlest ones can even have a good time. Play panels create hands-on fun for any commercial situation. No loose parts, no missing pieces, no messes to clean.

You don’t have to restrict the play space to a play ground. You can set up independent game stations with a choice of different games. A TV with a good choice of cartoons and movies is a great way to keep all the cheeky ones in one place. Also this is a good way to get the big kids occupied. Keep a comfy sofa and throw some big cushions on the ground. This way you could create a cozy space for the little ones to enjoy some TV time. Kids love coloring and drawing. It would be great if you could set up some colorful desks and chairs with coloring books, crayons and color pencils.