Ensuring That Safety Of Electric Appliances At Home

Even though electrical appliances help us immensely with various tasks at home, they can also be a safety hazard. It is always better to prevent these hazards from taking place rather than have anyone suffer from an electric shock or for a fire to start. By preventing these hazards you can ensure the safety of you, your family and your home. These are some of the electric appliances you need to keep an eye on.

Air conditioner

Air conditioners can heat up if they are not maintained and serviced enough. They utilize a lot of energy and therefore they can get overheated which can potentially start a fire. Furthermore, if filters are left to get unclean, bacteria can accumulate and be harmful and cause a respiratory illness in anyone at home. You can prevent this by conducting an airconditioner maintenance around every six months.

An unclean air conditioner can also be a hazard for anyone already having asthma. Therefore, if any family member suffers from asthma you should ensure that you have an aircon chemical wash done on your air conditioner more regularly.


Irons pose a hazard when they are switched on and when they are switched off as well. When irons are heated up if the cord is left dangling there is a chance that someone may trip on it while walking past. Even if the iron’s cord is not left dangling it is best to keep the iron far away from the corner in case you have children at home. They may reach out to grab the iron and burn themselves.

When irons are switched off they could fall off the ironing board if someone knocks on it accidentally and injure anybody’s feet. Therefore, it is always best to keep it elevated on a stand when not in use.

Water Heater

Similar to the hazard posed by washing machines, water heaters could also leak. This would have the danger of exploding. In addition, it would be dangerous if they became corroded. Make sure that the water heater does not have any faults by having regular check-ups conducted by a professional.

Washing Machine

Washing machines pose a hazard if the water leaks and combines with water. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that there are no leaks in the hose and that any damaged ones are repaired or replaced immediately.

In addition, washing machines left open can pose a safety hazard for kids who may try to climb into it. If you have little children it is always best to keep the area where the washing machine is situated locked or gated.