Clear Definition Of Career Path For A Better Future

Students when they are going from high school to college they should have a clear idea as to what they want to be in the future. It is not like how you said that you want become an engineer, a doctor, a fighter jet pilot, a nurse etc. when you were a child. Hence it is about the actual world where you have understood your potential and you can measure your education and hard working capacity and decide what you want to be in the future. Making sure about your future and then working towards it is essential. There are students who study business so that they can do businesses and become successful. For others it may sound as a joke but knowing the pros and cons of a business and knowing the way to approach a business is important. Business is not about gaining profit business is more than that it is about retaining the customers, expanding the market share, meeting the breakeven as fast as possible, hiring, expanding, multi tasking, reading graphs, forecasting etc. there is so much about a business that people do not understand. 
Service or product market
At this moment in the world if you are providing a service such as basic as washing clothes for people you will be having a booming business. People look for easy way out in doing their daily work. Sometimes it is better to provide contracting jobs such as cleaning contractor, painting contractor, building contractor etc. these jobs pay well as well as provide you with a large market. Since many people find it difficult to do these basic jobs with their demand at their work.
Being a painting facility provider you should not limit your service to painting services you can expand it more with land scalping or gardening, cleaning, tiling etc. These expansions will make you a market leader since you provide more services under one name people will prefer to hire you than other different companies. You need to differentiate your market. Even with product market you should not just stick to one product you need to increase you product range with more products that goes along with the original product. Should use as one package which people will want to buy. If they buy separately the cost will be higher than buying everything in one pack. Learning the art of business is important if you want to become a business tycoon.
Career path disappointment
There are so many cases in which students have gone in search of a career path thinking it will suit them and has failed miserably. Therefore you should first identify your potential then decide on a career path. And you decision should be what is best for you not for others. As it is you who will be struggling to make it happen.