Celebrating Father’s Day

Yes as we all know father’s day is coming up on the 19th of June. We hope you haven’t forgotten this with your busy schedule. Even if you have, fortunately you are not too late. There is still plenty of time to plan something wonderful for your father this year to show how much you appreciate all that he has done for you. We have some ideas below to help you make it a memorable day for you and your father.

Visit Your Father

Your dad loves you he definitely doesn’t get to spend half as much time with you as he would like. Therefore, the best gift you can give him this father’s day is to spend the day with him. Even if you cannot spend the whole day, try to spend at least the evening with your dad. If that is not a possibility call him and make plans to spend the weekend with him. When you do visit him, you can bake him his favourite chocolate cake in Singapore by way of a gift and we assure you that he would love it.

You can even bake the yummy cake together, creating a precious memory for both of you. If your dad loves barbeque you could also have an outdoor picnic with him. In case you have kids, do take them with you to visit their grandfather. You dad would love to spend time with your kids and all of you can enjoy some great times. While your dad could be too old for tiring games with your kids, you can find some easy recipes online so that your dad and your kids can get together and make something fun. You could also make some popcorn and sit down to watch your dad’s favourite movie. It would be a walk down memory lane for both of you, and we promise you that you would not be disappointed.

Take Him Out

Besides visiting your father at his home you could also take him out on father’s day. He probably does not get to go out as much as he’d like to and he definitely does not get to go out with you much, a chance he dearly misses even though he might not show it. You can visit his favourite museum or take him to see a place he has never visited but always wanted to, but make sure to consult him on the matter before you make plans. You can even take him out for dinner to a fancy restaurant he would like. Remember to make a reservation, as restaurants could be fully booked by father’s day.