Are You What They Call A “career Woman”?

Females tend to excel in studies and be employed in high positions as much as men nowadays. It is tolerable until you marry and wish to become a mother. Unlike for men, not only child-bearing but also child-caring is thought of as a duty of only females in most of the cultures. Although some European countries have paternity leave, most others still think it is only mother’s responsibility. Therefore working mothers tend to take a year or so off after child birth to make sure their kids are brought up with mom’s care. When these mothers return to work subsequently, they leave the kids with carers and outside establishments. What are the options mothers have in such situations?


 It will be sensible to allow the kid to be looked after at home if you can find a good babysitter. Not that the various playgroups and kindergartens are bad. But once kids start with these, they actually miss home a lot. You will drop them there in the morning and pick them up after your office work is done. That can give a sense of an artificial set up at the very beginning of a toddler’s life. Find someone who is qualified and you can kill two birds with one stone. Start your child’s education at home while they are being looked after. Techniques like zoo phonics is not too hard to learn and your caregiver might know it already or willing to learn. Give it a try before you rush out to find the best nursery school for your child.

 Returning to work or finding a new job?

 One advantage the stay-in mothers have these days is the internet. You can start looking for working-from-home options, which are very many. That way, you can spend time with your little one and earn something too. If you want to employ a carer even that wouldn’t be too much of a burden because you have a revenue stream. According to “Forbes” virtual administration, therapy, tutoring, client services and local government are five of the rapidly-expanding virtual categories in jobs.

 Be close-by

 If you can’t find something you like to work on from-home, try to find a job closer to your house. This way you can see the baby in the lunch time and you can return home in the evening sooner than from the city. If you have a good babysitter who can make certain days only try looking for a recommended phonics class in Singapore to engage your kid in. So you can drop them there, pick them up, and be nearer to them all the time even if an emergency occurs.

 As much as you love your children one day they will have to leave you. Train them to take care of themselves in day-to-day activities. Even if you leave them with a professional if they are competent enough to do little things by themselves it can be capitalized on to shape their futures. Most mothers tend to worry if the kid scrapes a knee or bumps their head. What is life without a hiccup or two in between happy times? So ensure your kids are toughened up to face the world which is increasingly becoming treacherous to live in.